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Mission Statement

The mission of CBM is to provide members of the Body of Christ with Word based “Christian Essentials for Victorious Living.” The nature of this ministry is defined by Jesus’ exhortation in John 15: 16 – to bring out the fruit in people’s lives. Fulfillment of this task encompasses the systematic development of skills, talents, abilities, gifts, and ministries within the Body, thus equipping members to be effective and inspirational elements of the Kingdom of God in the present world.

First Baptist Church

"We live in an amazing world that doesn't lack for awe-inspiring marvels of nature and technology. It's critical that we don't become deadened to wonder, because astonishment is a raw material for worship. The moment we lose that childlike sense of wonder, It's hard to worship with any real vigor." Address: 9262 Guinea Station Road, Woodford, Va.22580, telephone 804-633-4233 (click on photo for directions!)

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